Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Fugitive: Behind Making the Sounds

A large majority of the sounds in Fugitive were recorded rather than just having a bunch of regular stock sounds. This was to give the animation life and a feeling of depth that cannot be found in some stock sounds. Areas which the sounds were recorded were Rochester, Maidstone, Gillingham and Gravesend.

As for altering and editing the sounds, there was a lot of work done around the theme of Paranoia, having odd sounds that didn't really fit in with the atmosphere really give the idea that there is something seriously off about the fugitives current situation.

The sound plays a huge role in this project and there was a lot of time spent refining and altering certain aspects of the sound to give it an original mix but still recognizable in the scene. I did all of the sound of design but Samuel Johnson gave me a huge hand when it came to getting a hold of some of the stock sounds i needed, and he did a couple sound tests, so we could refine and see what did & didn't work.

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