Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Man vs Machine: The Story Workshop Progress And Conclusion

We entered the story workshop with few initial ideas and a possibility for development, the purpose of the day was to work out the nooks and crannies of our ideas. The process involved a lot of thoughts on paper and as we went along the ideas became more refined, closing in on our end sentence. The end results were very enlightening.

Final Decision

Through our development in the workshop as a group we have decided to focus in on our last idea. When we initially pitched it there was a few things we hadn't worked out like the climax. 

Our idea:
We hear smashing glass and hot-wiring as a man has broken into a car. He seems quite pleased with himself speeding down the street. It soon comes apparent to the audience he is a criminal on the run from the law, he notices a warrant for his arrest and paranoia sets in. Street lights and signs turn into flashing blue lights and the sounds around him are amplified, he thinks someone is shooting at the car when in fact its a car backfiring. The criminal speeds up even faster, tension builds as he thinks the threat of apprehension gets closer. He goes through a tunnel where he focuses and calms down, realises he's being paranoid. As he leaves the tunnel speeding still he is seen speeding by a real police car and a crash happens fades to black.

Camera Shots
There are things to still work out like what kind of shots are going to be needed and little fillers here and there to help link each scene a little better. We've been advised to work closer to the sourcing of our ending sentence.

"His Knees Steadied, His Heart Beat Fiercely And He Began To Run Again"

Blair Witch Project
The ending sentence can be related to the Blair Witch Project, a film that is littered with abstract shots, close ups and values highly sound design to increase tension. So the first step to strengthening our story is looking at what makes a high speed chase so intense and the shots we can create to illustrate that. So research to follow soon on that!

The When and Where
Thinking about what time and era can be crucial to the project, it would describe the setting and also what kind of cars to expect. If we want to litter the animation with chase tropes maybe looking at famous chase scenes and dissecting the locations and times. It can help the atmosphere also. 

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