Monday, 3 October 2016

Abstract: Saul Bass's Influence

Following up from the groups decision for the story and Alan's suggestions on where to take it in an abstract way, Saul Bass is a prominent artist which comes to mind as I imagine the scene. Our story follows the paranoia of a wanted criminal in a stolen car, this will be our main focus of the animation, our idea is to make the outside world appear as abstract. With lights shinning through to the inside of the car we will achieve this effect of it being abstract.

From my previous first year project 'What If Metropolis' I had the opportunity to explore Saul Bass and his work, Saul Bass's work is full of colour, shape and typography which we can incorporate into our idea of abstract light shinning into the car. Lights shinning from streets signs and street lamps can add to the effect of the criminals paranoia of the police following him with every corner he takes.

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