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Narrative | Sounds to Screenplay

Screenplay written by Rhys Wadmore
Sounds written by Samuel Johnson *green parts
Version # 01

Sound Fade In:

Ext. Quiet Street - Night

Through the ambient sounds of a SLEEPING CITY, we hear feet shuffling coming closer and closer toward us. A smashing of GLASS, car door OPENS and Brushing sounds just before it SLAMS abruptly, fidgeting as someone attempts to spark two wires. Sound of an ENGINE stirring with excitement and a STEADY ACCELERATION.

(Quiet outdoor ambient sounds | Sound of trainer/shoe walking from distance | Loud Smash of thick glass | fast opening of car door | Sound of medium build character shuffling across leather | Loud slam of car door | Further movement on leather seat with clicking and banging made by sound of character breaking casing to hotwire car | Sounds of sparks | Revving of engine as car starts up | Steady acceleration to purr of engine)

Fade In:

Ext. Bumper Shot Pan

The Lights of a vehicle are shone out into the camera and the front bumper and grill of a car is seen, the car is travelling at an average speed and the sound of the engine is PURRS along with the camera as it pans up to the BONNET.

(Steady purring of engine as it is travelling | ambient noises of the outdoor world)

Int. Car -Low Angle Shot

An obscured man is seen behind the wheel of an attractive automobile, driving, watching the road ahead while exploring the confines of the interior space with his other hand. He searches his upper jacket pocket and reveals a SMALL BOX.

(Muffled noise of engine | ambient noises of being in a car  | Shuffling around of hand on hard plastic of dashboard | quiet disgruntled noise from character| sound of hand rummaging in a fabric pocket | shaking of cigarette packet )

Int. Car - Rear View Mirror Shot

The SMALL BOX is bought closer to the man's mouth, opened with his free hand and a single CIGARETTE is taken out and placed into his mouth. The man leans forward and a short CLICK is heard.

(Sound of thin cardboard box being slid open | ambient noises of being in a car )

Int. Car - Inside Glove Box

The GLOVE BOX is opened by the man and he reaches for a handful of random cassette tapes and retracts his arm and places the tapes onto the SEAT beside him and closes the GLOVE BOX.

(Clicking of glovebox handle being opened | sound of door to glovebox being released and slamming | sound of several cassette cases being moved around | muffled slamming noise of cassettes being thrown onto nearby seat | ambient noises of being in a car )

Int. Car - Low Angle Shot

The man multi-tasks driving and looking down onto the SEAT beside him browsing through the tapes with one hand, the name of the tape he chooses is seen briefly on the back--

( Sound of 5-6 cassettes being shuffled about on leather seat | ambient noises of being in a car)

Tape is inserted and a WHIRRING sound is made.

(When cassette is inserted the noise of the rotating wheels in the player are heard)

Int. Car - Rear View Mirror Shot

The man leans forward slightly as a CLICKING sound is made as a spark ignites beneath his lips and the CIGARETTE is lit, a deep INHALE ---

and EXHALE as the music from the Cassette plays quitely builds.

(Breathing in deeply | Exhaling | Ignition of lighter | sound of ember crackling lightly on cigarette)

Ext. Car - Driver Side Rig Cam Shot

The man extends his left hand outside the window resting on the side of the car as the sound of the music fills the air and smoke puffs out the side. The sound of a PASSING cars and light appear to the sides of the car.

(slightly muffled music | sound of passing cars, accelerating and honking their horns| sound of slight wind | outdoor ambience)

Dissolves Out with the PASSING LIGHT:

Ext. Car - Driver Side - Front Wheel Rig Shot

Lights a reflected by the BODYWORK of the car, (Insert Saul Bass Colour Palette). The Sound of the wheel ROLLING against the Tarmac as the car begins to come to a crawl.

(Slowed tyre sounds upon tarmac | deceleration of the engine | outdoor ambience)

Ext. Traffic lights - Shot down

A CHAIN of lights are shone down onto the bonnet and windscreen of the car as it screeches to a steady halt, Other vehicles are in view but are dull silhouettes compared to our car of focus. Except one car that is a few cars behind.

(Sound of multiple cars passing and stopping | Deceleration of engines of other cars too | outdoor ambience )

Int. Car - Dashboard Cam

The Man leans forward to get a closer view out the front windscreen and into focus comes the words SOUTH BEACH and UPPER EAST written backwards as part of a reflection. The man looks left and right making a decision and before the Traffic lights change a REPEATED CLICK is heard.

(Car ambience | Radio | Clicking | muffled engine sounds)

Ext. Street Sign - High Angle Shot

A CIGARETTE is flicked past the words SOUTH BEACH, Camera focuses and as the acceleration of the car builds to speed, we refocus onto the car journeying towards a NEON LIT landscape. The SOUNDS of the car begin to die down the further away it travels. Another Car follows slowly in the same direction.

(sound of a cigarette being flicked | Acceleration of Car | sound of another car | main car decelerating | outdoor ambience)

Int. Car - Low Angle

Man reopens SMALL BOX to see its there is one CIGARETTE left, places it inside his mouth deep sigh as he throws the empty box toward the SEAT next to the camera. A slight CHINK is heard, Man ignites new CIGARETTE--

(Sound of thin cardboard box being slid open | Sigh of male character |  ambient noises of being in a car | sound of cigarette packet hitting the seat | igniting of lighter )

Focuses in on CIGARETTE light

Man inhales and exhales smoke once more--

(Inhaling | Exhaling)

Ext. South Beach Sidewalk - High Angle - Static Shot

New music pours into the scene from the establishments littering the area --
The car pulls over slowly in front of brilliant NEON lights, stops centre frame and the man applies the HANDBRAKE. Man sticks out his head slightly to observe the area. The sound of a second car

(Loud party music | handbrake sound | other cars engine sounds | louder ambience sounds | main car's engine sounds | sirens )

Int. Car - Rear View Mirror Shot

The man readies himself to disembark the vehicle, turns OFF the ENGINE the focus of the camera zooming slowly through the back window of the car showing the audience the second car thats pulled up a little way behind the car.

(Deceleration of main car | squealing of brakes | tyres on tarmac | stopping of car)

Ext. Car - Wing Mirror Shot

The man opens his door slowly and takes his time getting out, the door of the car that follows the man also opens in sync. The door the camera is on pauses to open fully, so does the door of the car that follows. SOUNDS INTENSIFY

(Door opening | Door opening in distance | sirens)

Int. Car - Rear View Mirror Zoomed Shot

The camera fully centred throw the back window of the car the man SLAMS the door and shifts back into the seat, staring into the rear view mirror. Lights fill the side of the shot focusing in on the two men sitting in the car waiting-- SOUNDS AND LIGHT INTENSIFY

(Door slamming | shuffling on leather seat )

Man looks back slowly, then sharply forward

Int. Car - Low Angle

The man still staring at the Rear View Mirror struggles to reach the seatbelt over his right shoulder, and slowly CLICKS into position. The man places the key into the ignition slowly--

Distorted sound floods the scene and becomes uncomfortable

(dragging of material | sound of seat belt being clicked into holster | sound of key being inserted into ignition | sirens  )

Ext. Car - Back of car panning down

The man turns the key in the ignition and the engine ROARS into life, Lights turn back ON, the car SCREECHES its tyres and kicks up smoke, Handbrake DISENGAGES, car shunts backwards because of TORQUE and the car speeds off through the smoke it creates.

( key turning | acceleration of engine | screeching tyres | handbrake sounds | sound of car shunting backwards | speeding car noises | sirens )

Int. Numerous Abstract Shots.

-- Cameras detail the inside of the car while the man is speeding away, Focuses on the GEAR STICK when he's shifting up, in key with the ACCELERATOR and CLUTCH. SPEEDOMETER increases and so does the aggression of the vehicle. Wheels screeching as he sharply turns left and right, Objects shift to show the direction of gravity.

(sound of speeding engine | gear shift sound | screeching on each turn | sirens )

Ext. Slow Zoom From Front Bumper To Mans Face

The camera pans up from the Bumper to show the audience this build up of smoke the car has kicked up, the distorted and unclear lights, the sounds of passing vehicles and the progression of sound the car is making. --
Camera reaches mans face and continues to zoom in

(sound of speeding engine | gear shift sound | screeching on each turn | passing vehicle noises | sirens )

Ext. Parallel Follow Camera Shot

Audience is shown the car leaving the clouds of confusion that had been left in its wake. Sounds are left behind the car as the car speeds away from the distortion.

(speeding away car | engine sounds going into distance | sirens )

Int. Over The Shoulder Shot

Focuses over the mans shoulder to the -- THANK YOU FOR VISITING -- sign shown on the RIGHT hand side of the road, the man follows sign passing him and looks through the back window, as a red light is shown ahead of the man and fastly approaches.

( engine noises )

Fade to Black --

Sounds of the man applying the BRAKES to the vehicle and spinning out of control, GRUNTS, Sounds of CLANGING bodywork and SMASHING glass. Car hurtles out of control and sound goes quiet

( brakes being used | smashing glass sound | sirens | clanging of bodywork | car crashing noise )

Fade in --

Ext. Slow Zoom From Side Of Car

The camera slowly zooms through the kicked up dust and smoke the car has created due to a horrific collision, A Single BRIGHT LIGHT shines through the smoke. A rim rolls toward the camera and spins as it comes to a halt. The car is overturned and the man is left mangled in the crash, lying to the ceiling of the car--
Camera enters car

Sound of FLAMES igniting and a distant sound of sirens glowing ever closer in the air, a very faint red and blue light gradually builds in the smashed window.

( Sound of ambient noises | sirens | fire noises )

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  1. I think the best way to see if this works is to edit a version using existing footage/ clips from films. You can use different cars by writing 'Hero' / 'Police Car 1' etc on each clip to distinguish the cars and note that its the same car.